29 de mayo de 2010

Short Story

Dear all,
Edith Wharton was was a Pulitzer Prize winner, she was born in the USA in the late 1800's. Her novels and stories are characterized by a subtle use of dramatic irony.
Today we bring you one of her classic stories called "The Line of Least Resistance."

You can read and listen to the story.



Prof. Mariano Ignacio
Centro Univ. de Idiomas


Dear all,
Facebook has become the largest social network in the world. But at the same time, posting our lives on the internet may mean not having privacy. This week, we invite you to listen and work on activity we have prepared for you on the life through Facebook.
Hope you find the activity interesting and useful. And when you finish working, we have posted a video on the 25 Things a Guy Hates about Facebook.
Have fun!


AUDIO (needed for the activity)

VIDEO (just for fun)

Kind regards,
Prof. Mariano Ignacio
Centro Univ. de Idiomas

27 de mayo de 2010

2010: Year of the Bicentennial

2010 is an important year of bicentennial celebrations in the Americas. Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Mexico all commemorate 200 years of independence.

Following is the video message and transcript of Secretary Clinton on "Year of the Bicentennial":

This year, people across our hemisphere will celebrate the “Year of the Bicentennial.” Argentina, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico are marking 200 years of independence. All of us across the Americas are joining together to honor our shared history and the values of democracy, diversity, and tolerance that form our common heritage.

In the last year, our hemisphere has been challenged -- from Honduras to Haiti to Chile. And our ability to respond to these crises as a community has been tested. But we have met these challenges together, with faith in our institutions, confidence in our values, and compassion for our friends and neighbors.

We must strive to carry that same spirit of cooperation beyond times of crisis in order to meet the challenges and seize the opportunities facing the people of the Americas. There is so much we can learn from each other and so much we can accomplish together. We can encourage broad-based prosperity, champion democracy and human rights, and ensure that every child born in the Americas has the opportunity to fulfill his or her God-given potential.

This “Year of the Bicentennial” is a time to honor our past while we look to the future -- as we continue on our common journey to create better lives for our citizens and even stronger ties between our nations. On behalf of President Obama and the people of the United States, congratulations and best wishes.

6 de mayo de 2010

Tim Burton's Exhibit in NYC

Hola a todos!
Esta semana les acercamos un ejercicio de Comprensión Auditiva basado en una muestra del director de cine Tim Burton en New York. Junto al ejercicio y su audio, les acercamos un video relacionado junto a la transcripción para que puedan reconocer las palabras que les resulten complicadas o difíciles de entender.

EJERCICIO de Comprensión Audtiva - Descargar en PDF
Escuchar el ejercicio on line:

Descargar el audio en MP3 desde acá


Video relacionado con la muestra de Tim Burton

Transcripción del video - Descargar en PDF

Saludos a todos, y muy buen fin de semana!

Prof. Mariano Ignacio
Centro Univ. de Idiomas

Short Story: "To Build a Fire" by Jack London

Hola a todos!
Hoy les acercamos un cuento escrito por Jack London quien fuera un reconocido escritor estadounidense. Fue el autor de "Colmillo Blanco", The Call of the Wild (traducida en español como La llamada de lo salvaje y La llamada de la selva), y otros cincuenta libros.
El título del cuento de esta semana es "To Build a Fire".

TO BUILD A FIRE - Descargar text en PDF


Escucharlo on line

¡Que lo disfruten, y que les sea útil para seguir entrenando el oido!

Prof. Mariano Ignacio
Centro Univ. de Idiomas