16 de agosto de 2011

How to ask someone where they got something

Man: Hey, nice shoes!
Woman: Thanks!
Man: Could do with a pair like that myself.
Woman: Oh really? They’re very comfortable.
Man: Yeah. Where did you get them?
Woman: Just that place on the high street.
Man: On yeah, I’ll have to go and take a look sometime.


Man: Hey!
Woman: What?
Man: I’ve been looking for that book for ages!
Woman: Really?
Man: Yeah...where did you get it?
Woman: I bought it online. I just did a search and found it, you know...
Man: Really?
Woman: Yes. It’s not that difficult.
Man: I’ll have to have a look.


Man: Hey!
Woman: What?
Man: That’s a tasty-looking sandwich!
Woman: It’s a tasty-tasting sandwich too...
Man: Where did you er...
Woman: Where did I get it?
Man: Yeah! That’s exactly what I was going to say....!
Woman: I made it myself.
Man: Oh.
Woman: Here – have it!