26 de junio de 2010

Argentinians in London

Hi there!
A bonus track video clip this weekend! CNN visited a London bar where Argentine fans were watching the World Cup match between Argentina and Greece. Peek inside!
Have a look at Argentinians in London as they enjoy a football match as much as we do... but in English!


25 de junio de 2010

Spanish and English living together!

Dear all,
Bilingual education is the practice of teaching non-English speaking students the principal subjects in their native language as they learn another language. Developed in the 1970's, those programs were intended to help children keep up with their classmates in subjects such as Math, Science and Social Studies while they studied English.
This week, we bring you a report that explores the experience of a school in the USA.

Click here to download the exercise for you to work.

And this is the AUDIO needed for the task.

Once you have finished, we invite you to watch an additional report based on Bilingual Education.

Prof. Mariano Ignacio
Centro Univ. de Idiomas.

11 de junio de 2010

Sentenced to... Shakespeare!

Dear all,
Every night in Boston, Massachusetts, 13 actors take the stage at Shakespeare & Company in “Henry V.’’ Nothing so unusual in that — except that they are teenagers, none older than 17, and they have been sentenced to perform this play.

The show is the culmination of a five-week intensive program called Shakespeare in the Courts, a nationally recognized initiative now celebrating its 10th year. Berkshire Juvenile Court Judge Judith Locke has sent these adjudicated offenders — found guilty of such adolescent crimes as fighting, drinking, stealing, and destroying property — not to lockup or conventional community service, but to four afternoons a week of acting exercises, rehearsal, and Shakespearean study.

This week, we bring you an interesting report on how adolescents are re-educated by means of drama. There is no exercise to be done. Only to listen and enjoy. And in case there are words you do not understand, we provide you with the transcription. Then, if you wish, there is a video that illustrates the report.




Prof. Mariano Ignacio

Centro Univ. de Idiomas